In Review: "Musicality; the Delicate Balance Between Movement and Music"

Danny Buraczeski, Brian Sostek, and Heidi Jasmin took on the topic of "Musicality" and brought their own unique perspective to the Dance Educator's Workshop this summer.


Danny's technique classes were delightful as he proudly proclaimed his close relationship with music as a stimulus for his work.

Brian got participants experiencing sound and rhythm in their own bodies, and in counterpoint with each other. In "Flying Foot Forum" style, he layered movement with percussive sound to create a rhythmic extravaganza, then added music later.


Heidi Jasmin brought mixed meters, breath rhythms, use of pulse and swings, and live musical accompaniment to remind us what the great German modern dance tradition has contributed to the worlds of dance and music.


Our discussions revolved around the question of "what does a sophisticated use of music look like as a dancer/choreographer?"  Participants provided lots of food for thought from the masters:

"Music should fit like a cape not like a glove" (Martha Clarke)

"The choreographer's function is that of collaborator with the music, and not of servant. . . endeavor to place before the spectator something in harmony with the music which makes a comment upon it or addition to it". (Agnes DeMille)

"The dance must have something to say of it's own, and a mere visualization of the music is not sufficient justification for bringing it to birth". (Doris Humphrey)

Discussions included topics such as not using the music note for note, employing harmonies, echoes, counterpoint, and trying to capture the "essence" or energy of the musical piece. We watched participants' choreography (live and on tape) and the choreography of Mark Morris and George Balanchine to seed discussions and broaden and authenticate our conversation.

Thanks to all nineteen participants for their contributions!!

Watch for our DEC In-service Workshops this year that will involve all three presenters in new and exciting ways!


Many thanks to Marge Maddux and Nora Jenneman at the University of Minnesota Barbara Barker Center for Dance, who so generously accommodated us with the use of the dance building free of charge.